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WNYP policy is to develop all rates on a "through" basis covering the entire route from origin to destination.  Usually this entails a brief process of consultation among the railroads in the route with many movement covered by pre-existing agreements.  As a prospective shipper, you can ask any one of the railroads involved to develop a through rate, although the railroad that will originate the movement is usually a good place to start.

If you prefer, WNYP will take the initiative for you.  WNYP participates in the "interline settlement" system, meaning that it knows the overall pricing and how it is allocated among the railroads in the route.  WNYP also stays up-to-date on connecting railroads' service (ex. which routes are fastest and most reliable).

Rates for one-time movements can be quoted on a "spot" basis with concurrence of connecting carriers.  Repetitive smaller volume movements are usually covered by a public price list or "tariff".  Increasingly, WNYP's Class I connections are publishing their public tariffs on their web sites.  Higher volume movements are usually covered by confidential contracts.

For more information, contact Daniel Eagan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad, (585) 346-2090.