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20-01 Enforcement Powers of the ABO
NYS Public Authorities Law (PAL), Article 8, Title 28-AA (STERA’s enabling legislation)
NYS Public Authorities Law (PAL), Articles 1, 1-A, 8 (Title 28-AA only), 9, and 11 (portions relevant to STERA)

Public Authorities Accountability Act of 2005 (PAAA)
Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009 (PARA)
New Provisions of the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009 (NYS ABO summary document)
NYS Executive Law Article 15-A (MWBE requirements)
NYS Finance Law, Section 135 (NY State Wicks Law)
NYS Finance Law, Sections 139-j and 139-k (NY State Procurement Lobbying Law)
NYS Labor Law, Section 220 (NY State prevailing wage and work hours requirements)
NYS Public Officers Law
Open Meetings Law
Freedom of Information Law

NYS Authority Budget Office Policy Guidances
06-02 Understanding Corporate Governance Policies, Issued 10-1-2006
07-01 Independence of Board Members, Issued 3-1-2007
07-02 Local Financial Disclosure, Issued 5-1-2007
09-01 Appropriate Use of Executive Session
10-01 Acknowledgement of Fiduciary Duty
10-02 Public Authority Mission Statement and Measurement Reports
10-03 Posting and Maintaining Reports on Public Authority Web Sites
10-04 Fiduciary Duty of the Designee of a Voting Ex Officio Board Member

10-05 Annual Board of Directors Evaluation
11-01 ABO Policy Guidance Compliance Review Requirements
11-02 ABO Policy Guidance Enforcement Powers of the Authority

14-02  Formation of a Subsidiary by a Public Authority
15-01  Restrictions on Grants and Loans Made by Public Authorities

15-02 ABO Policy Guidance Board Member Training
15-03 ABO Policy Guidance Explanatory Statement of the Circumstances of Property Disposition

17-01 ABO Policy Guidance Board Member Training
17-02 ABO Policy Buidace Procurement Guidelines
18-01 ABO Policy Guidance Preferred Source Procurement
18-02 ABO Policy Guidance Authority Investment Report
20-01 ABO Policy Guidance Enforcement Powers of the ABO