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To report an emergency call 911 or the alternate emergency phone number that is used in that jurisdiction.  The 911 number is not intended to be used for customer service or other purposes.  Customer service is provided by local freight agents who are equipped with office/cell phones.

To report a grade crossing signal malfunction, a vehicle blocking a grade crossing, vandalism, trespassing, or any suspicious activity on the railroad property; call the WNYP Trouble Desk at (877) 213-2529.  Use this number to report any non-emergency situations that require attention by railroad personnel.

Illegal trespassing on railroad property and related criminal activity include, but are not limited to:  operation of ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or other such equipment on railroad property; tampering with switches, track, grade crossing signal equipment, bridges, and buildings; removal of railroad ties and other track material; removal, defacing, and destruction of signs; dumping; and other unauthorized entry upon railroad property that generally extends 33 to 50 feet our from each side of the main track. 

No employee or other representative of the railroad is authorized to verbally permit anyone to do these things.  Railroad employees carry identification issued by the company, contractors, or others authorized  to be on railroad property.  If in doubt, call the railroad at the main phone number (716) 665-5995.  ALL railroad property is posted; and we will take any actions necessary to prosecute trespassers to the fullest extent of the law.