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Terry Everetts, Chairman, Cattaraugus County
Jay Gould, Vice Chairman, Chautauqua County

James Griffin, 2nd Vice Chairman, Steuben County

Board of Directors
Seth Corwin, Steuben County
Richard Cousins, Cattaraugus County
Richard Dixon, Chautauqua County

Terry Everetts, Cattaraugus County
Jay Gould, Chautauqua County
Jeff Gray, Chautauqua County

James Griffin, Steuben County
Brooke Harris, Allegany County
Steven Havey, Allegany County
Robert Keis, Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board
John Malter, Steuben County
Earl McElfresh, Cattaraugus County
Jerry Scott, Allegany County
Vacancy, Seneca Nation of Indians (non-voting member)

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Ethics Officer
Terry Everetts

Records Access Appeals Officer
Terry Everetts

Executive Committee
Terry Everetts, Chairman
Jay Gould
James Griffin
Robert Keis
Jerry Scott
Vacancy, Seneca Nation of Indians (non-voting member)

Audit Committee
James Griffin, Chairman
Jay Gould
Robert Keis
John Malter
Earl McElfresh

Governance Committee
Terry Everetts, Chairman
Seth Corwin
Steven Havey
Jerry Scott
Vacancy, Chautauqua County

Corporate Officers/Contract Staff
Richard Zink, Chief Executive Officer, Contracting Officer, Records Management Officer, Records Access Officer
Robert Keis, Chief Financial Officer
Tom Barnes, Secretary and Program Manager

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