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Companies desiring to locates business facilities on sites served by WNYP railroad operations can expect to receive significant assistance with all aspects of their location decision, from identifying and evaluating sites, to engineering and architectural  design, to permitting and environmental reviews, to funding, to personnel assistance, etc.

STERA works closely with County Industrial Development Agencies, municipalities, NYS Empire State Development Corporation, and the Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board to insure that developers have a professional team of seamless assistance with your site location project.  Common assistance programs include:

Municipal Assistance

  • 485b real property tax abatement; infrastructure connections

  • highway access, signaling, and signage

County Industrial Development Agency Assistance

  • tax exempt and taxable industrial development bond for eligible land and building projects

  • real property tax abatement

  • mortgage recording tax exemption

  • real estate, equipment, and working capital loans

  • tax leases

  • sale/lease back transaction to provide real property tax abatement, sate and local sales tax abatement, and mortgage recording tax exemption (if any)

  • PILOT program

Empire Zone Assistance

  • real estate, equipment, and working capital loans

  • tax credits for capital improvements and employment

  • reduced introductory utility cost

County Workforce Investment Boards

  • skills training for firms expanding their operation or to prepare new employees to meet requirements for entry-level jobs

  • customized training

State Incentives and Programs

  • tax credits for capital improvements, R&D, employment, and pollution control

  • financial assistance for training programs on a matching basis